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Youth Justice Impact Lab

Deliveries, instructions and deadlines


During 2023, all Impact Lab participants should follow the YJ project with their national/local YMCA: film, record, take photos, conduct interviews etc. based on the training in Ghana. Each participant is responsible to attend to the following deliveries and deadlines:

  • 1

    30th June 2023

    Collection of first material from 2023

  • 2

    31st August 2023

    Half-year reports for YJIII

  • 3

    19th November 2023

    Deadline for final material for 2023

  • 4

    25th November 2023

    Online gathering, discussion on and viewing of videos, evaluation


Your Impact Lab video together with the explanatory text should consider, show, reflect or touch on some of the following:

  • Context, activities and/or target group
  • The challenges of youth
  • The challenges and/or progress of the project
  • Individual changes: looks, attitudes, clothes, opinions, expressions
  • Contextual changes: environment, atmosphere, mood, conditions, standards
  • Changes in a group of people
  • Effects of an activity, advocacy accomplishment, new laws

For the last submission of 2023, reflect on what you have captured before and how you can develop that.

It is possible to combine media from different occasions.

Visually showing progress over time is encouraged.

It is possible to use the same material as submitted earlier if it is developed further together with your movement by for example adding new segments, filming or taking photos during new occasions, etc.


19th November 2023

On 19th November 2023 each Impact Lab trainee should submit their final assignment:

Visual media, any or several of the following

  • Video(s), maximum 5 minutes of material
  • Photos, maximum 10 pictures
  • Other? See if you can come up with anything else or some kind of a combination

Text file, complementing the visual media with explanations

  • What does the visual media show? What time, what kind of activity, who and/or what is being shown?
  • What is the role of the YMCA?
  • What are the top three achievements or challenges?

how to


To submit the assignments, upload the files with your names in the right folder here.

Feel free to contact Seva on WhatsApp or!