Åk på European Feminist Summer School med stöd av YWCA Europe!

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is looking for candidates to participate in its second European Feminist Summer School taking place in Brussels from 7 to 11 September 2016.

Building on the success of the first ever AGORA in 2015, EWL will host a the second edition European Feminist Summer School, which will aim to:

– Reconnect and reinforce young European women’s activism
– Set up a creative space for young feminist change agents
– Build solidarity and empower young feminist activists
– Working together across borders to make feminism more inclusive and amplify the voices of feminist networks in Europe
– Enable the EWL to know more about the interests and needs of young feminists and bring these more into the centre of EWL’s future strategy and actions

During 4 days, the EWL will set up an inclusive space to exchange, to inspire, to reinforce skills through workshops, conferences, skills-sharing, and expertise, facilitated by EWL and partners.

Applications open to all young feminist activist between 18 and 30 years of age. The EWL particularly encourages women facing multiple forms of discrimination (in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, origin, religion etc).

Apply now! Deadline for applications: 31 May 2016.

All further info is to be found here: http://www.womenlobby.org/Young-feminists-Apply-NOW-for-the-AGORA-2016-summer-school-in-Brussels

Please let the European YWCA know if you’re interested. We are happy to support you in the application process! Contact: info@europeanywca.org