YMCA Programme Innovation Camp i Schweiz 14-19 september

Intresserad av att diskutera och implementera World Alliance of YMCA’s fyra flagskeppsprogram? Kontakta kansliet på info@kfum.se och hänvisa till YMCA programme innovation camp!

As part of OUR WAY strategy delivery and our focus on Youth Empowerment, the World YMCA is launching the “Programme Innovation Camp” which will focus on training and sharing of best practices in order to scale up youth empowerment initiatives and deepen YMCA’s Involvement in strategic areas. The Innovation Camp will train and support YMCAs interested and with the mandate to extend its work through specific initiatives as follows: Ten Sing, Youth and Parliament (YP), Employment – Saving and Investment Clubs and finally Resource Group on the Environment.

We are looking for YMCAs committed to work on implementing/extending those initiatives in the next 24 months. This means the sending YMCAs already have basic understanding of those initiatives and are planning on their implementation/extension. The successful candidates are volunteers or staff members of the YMCAs able to communicate in English and assigned by their YMCAs to lead pilot initiatives upon return. Participants are also expected to join an online preparatory meeting for proper briefing and preparation.