We stand in solidarity with the Liberia and Sierra Leone YMCAs

It is with mixed feelings on this day that I write this. Today is the day that all African YMCAs should be gathering in Senegal for our four yearly Ordinary General Meeting which is a time of constitutional decisions and continental learnings.
Because of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, and in particular the fact that our colleagues from Sierra Leone and Liberia could not travel and participate in this 10th OGM, we had to postpone this important event until June 2015. We dedicate this day to our friends and colleagues in Sierra Leone and Liberia and ask that you do the same. Please go to our Facebook page and post your messages of solidarity: www.facebook.com/AfricaYMCA

We keep you, our brothers and sisters in West Africa, in our thoughts and prayers as you continue to work tirelessly to bring Ebola under control. We salute your efforts. We pray for a breakthrough. We ask God to bless you all!

Carlos Sanvee, AAYMCA General Secretary