#NoXcuse for Violence Against Women

Join the World YWCA in our new campaign to end all forms of violence against women, not just for a week, but forever. Let us tackle violence at the root, let us examine its causes, and let us challenge the traditions that perpetuate it. Let us work hand in hand with our brothers to redefine masculinities and let us also expose the excuses that are given to us for the acts of violence that we endure. “This is your fault; you’ve dishonoured the whole family!” The aim of the NoXcuses campaign is to question the validity of similar sentences commonly used when a violent act is committed. Oftentimes, both parties involved in such an act do not realise that no excuse is acceptable as violence is a violation of women’s fundamental human rights. Therefore, the slogan of our campaign, “NoXcuses”, implies that nothing can justify violence against another human being.